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Fixin' Stuff 63 Ways

Marvel poly trash. Mind your ships. There are many dumpster fires.

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Birthdate:Mar 14
I'm 35 from Canada -- big place, so I probably don't know Bob or Sue (though I'm sure they're really nice people). I have kids and I work full time. Happily married for close to nine years. I've been writing fanfiction since before I even knew what fanfiction was. I've gone through phases, including the dreaded Mary Sue phase, but I've thankfully come out the other side no worse for the wear.

I'm not particular about what I read, or what pairing, so long as the story is coherent and interesting. I do read PWP as eagerly as I do intricately plotted tales, so make of that what you will. :) I do have my preferences, but I'll give just about anything a try.
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